Fumigation Chemicals


Sulfuryl Fluoride, or commonly known as Vikane, is used for tent fumigation and is guaranteed to eliminate drywood termites by penetrating deep into the wood of your property. This fumigant is a colorless, odorless, non-staining, noncorrosive and non-flammable gas.

To learn more, below are downloadable versions of Vikane’s Label and Safety Data Sheet.

Label (revision Nov. 25, 2015)
Safety Data Sheet (revision May 4, 2020)


Chloropicrin: Warning Agent

Chloropicrin is a colorless liquid with a very strong odor, and it causes eye irritation and tearing when used in small quantities. It is a warning agent to deter persons from entering and remaining in the structure during the fumigation.

To learn more, below are downloadable versions of Chloropicrin’s Label and Safety Data Sheet.

Label (revision June 19, 2019)
Safety Data Sheet (revision June 18, 2019)



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